‘Video game of Thrones’ fans will quickly have the ability to set sail on a ‘Cruise of Thrones’ and venture to the show’s iconic recording locations

Attention Video Game of Thrones fans, your dream trip is coming.

Fans of the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, must mark their calendars for this truly distinct cruise experience that will set cruise in Europe in 2021.

Dalmatian Travel & Events has created the ultimate experience for people who can’t get enough of George R. R. Martin’s dream novels and matching hit TV series. Beginning in September 2021, the company’s ” Cruise of Thrones” expeditions will bring diehard fans on fantastic adventures to Game of Thrones filming areas throughout Europe.

Visitors can pick from several travel plans that include 2 eight-day excursions that either cruise towards the north or towards the south or real super fans can delight in a 16- day journey that lets you cruise both cruises back to back.

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The ports of call in the eight-day northern cruise consist of recording places in Iceland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. While in Iceland, guests will check out familiar places such as the Fist of the First Guys, the Bloody Gate, and Jon & Ygritte’s cavern. And in Ireland, they will have the ability to get a glance of The Wall, Castle Black, Hardhome, Winterfell, Pyke, the King’s Road and more.

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On the eight-day southern cruise, visitors will be able to delight in the sights, sounds, and warm weather of Spain, Malta, and Croatia, otherwise referred to as Dorne, Essos and King’s Landing. In Spain, tourists can see the Sunspear and the Water Gardens, the Tower of Joy, the Castle and the Long Bridge of Volantis. In Malta, fans will check out the initial recording home of King’s Landing in addition to a trip to Mdina to see more of the seat of Aegon the Conquerer. In Dubrovnik, visitors will be able to check out the main filming place for Kings Landing. Who understands, possibly some die-hard Cersei fans will be able to make that walk of embarassment.

The 16- day schedule includes all of the functions of the shorter cruises.

Bundles for the cruises begin at $5,130 per person. A deposit of $1000 per individual is due at the time of reservation.

” We envisioned and established an experience like nothing you have actually ever seen before,” stated Lynette Durovic, owner of Dalmatian Travel & Events.

In addition to the fantastical areas that they’ll check out, guests will also be able to invest their entire journey on a luxury traveler ship that has been outfitted in the medieval fantasy design of the Video Game of Thrones visual.

The Cruise of Thrones site also teases that there will be special guests (probably individuals who have actually worked on the show) on the cruise also, though specific names have actually not yet been announced.

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