The Universe in Verse 2019: Full Program

The Universe in Verse 2019: Full Program

Each spring, I sign up with forces with my buddies at Pioneer Works for an improbable idea that started in 2017 and has handled a life of its own: Deep Space in Verse— a charitable celebration of the science and elegance of nature through poetry.

The 3rd yearly Universe in Verse at Leader Works. April 23,2019 Photograph: Walter Wlodarczyk.

With our sleeves rolled up and sweat-soaked in preparation for the 2020 virtual edition(” trailer” here), and with the world shocked and stilled and wanting to fill the blur of days under quarantine with something of compound and succor, we have released the full recording of the 2019 show, celebrating the 100 th anniversary of Sir Arthur Eddington’s historic eclipse expedition to Africa, which verified relativity and catapulted Einstein into star. “Dear Mother, wondrous news today,” Einstein composed upon receiving word of the outcomes, which revolutionized our understanding of the universe and shaped the course of modern-day physics. The clinical victory was likewise a heartening, gentle minute– simply after the close of World War I, a pacifist English Quaker, who had declined to be drafted in the war at the risk of being jailed for treason, and a German Jew joined humankind under the very same sky, under the inmost realities of the universe. An invite to viewpoint in the biggest sense.

The program– a night of poems, music, and stories about eclipses, relativity, spacetime, and Einstein’s tradition, featuring readings by musicians David Byrne, Regina Spektor, Amanda Palmer, Emily Wells, and Josh Groban, astrophysicists Janna Levin and Natalie Batalha, poets Elizabeth Alexander and Marilyn Nelson, star Natascha McElhone, theoretical cosmologist and jazz saxophonist Stephon Alexander, comedian Chuck Nice, choreographer Costs T. Jones, On Being host Krista Tippett, and the inimitable Neil Gaiman checking out an original poem generously made up for the occasion– was a monumental labor of love, with every individual included donating their time and skill, and all profits from the tickets benefiting Leader Works’ undertaking to construct New york city’s first-ever public observatory, a dome of possibility for future Eddingtons and Einsteins.

Both the costly production and this recording were made possible totally by donations. Please enjoy– and if it provides you some perspective, some relief, perhaps even some rapture, do think about supporting this labor of love with a donation to Leader Functions to balance out some of the expenses, assist us construct that dome of possibility, and make future universes possible.

Find the total show and the full poem playlist listed below:

  1. ” When I Heard the Learn ‘d Astronomer” by Walt Whitman and poem #1397 by Emily Dickinson, read by Janna Levin
  2. ” Education” by Elizabeth Alexander, checked out by the poet herself
  3. ” Hubble Photographs: After Sappho” by Adrienne Rich, checked out by Amanda Palmer
  4. ” Theories of Whatever” by Rebecca Elson, checked out by Regina Spektor
  5. ” A Solar Eclipse” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, checked out by Natascha McElhone
  6. Musical interlude: Amanda Palmer
  7. ” As If to Demonstrate an Eclipse” by Billy Collins, read by Chick Nice
  8. ” Achieving Viewpoint” by Pattiann Rogers, checked out by David Byrne
  9. ” The Shampoo” by Elizabeth Bishop, read by me
  10. Musical interlude: Regina Spektor
  11. ” Research Study” by Cecilia Payne, read by Natalie Batalha
  12. ” Much Faster Than Light” by Marilyn Nelson, read by the poet herself
  13. ” Discussing Relativity” by Rebecca Elson, checked out by Stephon Alexander
  14. ” Poem to My Kid, If Ever You Shall Be” by Ross Gay, read by Costs T. Jones
  15. ” After Checking out a Kid’s Guide to Modern Physics” by W.H. Auden, read by Josh Groban
  16. ” Figures of Idea” by Howard Nemerov, read by Krista Tippett
  17. ” In Transit” by Neil Gaiman, checked out by Neil Gaiman
  18. ” Einstein’s Child” by Jennifer Clement, checked out by Emily Wells
  19. Musical finale: Emily Wells

You can find the complete recordings of previous seasons, and livestream information for the approaching program, on this page

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