The importance of the interaction between humans and animals

Human-animal interaction has always been present, from the beginning of human evolution. Throughout history, animals have lived with a man sharing the same environment. Animal domestication is the pioneering activity of the relations of conquest and domination of man over nature.

Animals, from a human perspective, have an important role assigned to them. The most popular of these is the dog. Known and acclaimed worldwide as man’s best friend. Do you also consider him your best friend?

Several studies show that children raised with pets have a happier childhood, show greater empathy for other people and a higher percentage of good treatment for animals.

Human-animal interaction and communication contribute to physiological improvements. There is a significant positive association between having pets and improving health in one year.

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People who have pets show healthier physiological responses to stress, including blood pressure and heart rate.

Animals relax us, and the positive interaction between people and animals stimulates the release of oxytocin in both. People with pets are happier and calmer, and also have higher self-esteem.

There is no doubt that having a pet is a very good idea, yes, one must be responsible and aware when adopting one, taking into account space where it will live, the climate according to which race it is and if it will spend most of the time. day locked and alone or in the company. For a dog, his master is all he has and the only entertainment of the day. While you are not with him, your pet will be counting the minutes to see you again. And if you travel for a long time, your dog can go into depression for feeling abandoned.

Studies affirm that the effect produced by a master in his dog is the same as that produced by the person we love or love. They only have eyes for us, that’s why their love is unconditional and pure. So to choose very smartly the best time to have a faithful companion. Remember that they are not objects that you can get rid of when you no longer need them. They have feelings and above all, they will give you all their love, do not abandon them.

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For all these reasons and more, having a puppy and feeling his unconditional love is one of the best sensations in the world. You will also increase physical activity since having a dog is more than forced to go for a walk a few times a day. Do not hesitate to adopt a small hairy colleague to make your days more beautiful, giving you their company, love, and loyalty at all times.

The best way to care for your pet is by sending him regularly to the veterinarian, putting all the necessary vaccines and if possible hire a trainer or pet charmer for a few sessions so that it is not dangerous or disobedient. Find yourself a trusted veterinarian. Avoid taking it indiscriminately to several animal care centers. Select the best one for you and convert it to your family doctor, with whom your pet can feel protected and comfortable whenever he needs to go to consult or treat.

What is your four-legged friend’s name?