The best selling books of 2017 on the Internet

In the list of the 10 books of greatest success among the main online stores, it sweeps ‘Patria’ and dominates the titles written by women

As every year, the number of sales of copies during the Madrid Book Fair is one of the main indicators to know the state of the book industry in Spain. The media usually take this data on the cover, but they also echo the booths where the longest queues are formed to find out which authors are the most requested.

In this new edition that has just begun, the author of ‘Patria’, Fernando Aramburu, has been one of the most exemplary writers so far. And no wonder. His latest book is one of the phenomena of sales in recent months, as shown by the data: It is the best selling of 2017 on the Internet in Spanish division Book Amazon and Fnac and in stores online of El Corte English and House of the Book, according to the data offered by the four companies at the request of the COUNTRY Showcase.

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In the second and third place of the top 10 of the best-selling books in the online stores mentioned – see list below -, are placed, respectively, ‘All this I will give’, by Dolores Redondo, and ‘The labyrinth of spirits’, By Carlos Ruiz Zafón. “I think Ruiz Zafón has a loyal community of followers. Like Dolores Redondo. But this fidelity also needs to feed the novelty. If they stop publishing, the machinery would slow down until they stop, “says Babelia’s book coordinator, Javier Rodríguez Marcos.

Of the ranking, it is also possible to emphasize the biology written by Elisabet Benavent, that with ‘The magic of being Sofia’ and ‘The magic of being us’, occupies the fifth and sixth position. “It is normal that you sell a lot on the Internet someone with such a presence in social networks as it has the advantage that this impulse supposes. They are just two clicks, “says Rodríguez Marcos.

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Benavent’s sales success reflects another reality on the list: 70% of the books are written by women. What is the reason? “There are more readers than readers, that is, more buyers than buyers. That is something that publishers know and exploit (starting with their literary awards). In literature the factor of the identification of the reader with the point of view of the narrator’s voice is fundamental “, explains Rodríguez Marcos. Although the journalist of EL PAÍS also attributes this buying tendency to “women writers risk literally more than writers, which are more pending to be measured with the canon, tradition and what is meant by literature.” “Now, the risky literature, written by men or women, does not usually enter the lists of best-selling books …”