Someone discovered the $1 million treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains

Someone discovered the $1 million treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains

A decade ago, Santa Fe author and antiques dealer Forrest Fenn, 89, concealed a treasure chest consisting of $1 million in gold, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds someplace in the Rocky Mountains. A poem in Fenn’s memoir, titled “The Excitement of the Chase,” included ideas to the treasure’s area and he hoped searching for it would inspire families to take pleasure in nature and the adventure. (For more, see the 2016 video above.) Now, Fenn reports that somebody from “back East” found the treasure but does not want to be called. It’s a wonderful tale except for the deaths, suits, and arrests. From the Santa Fe New Mexican:.

An estimated 350,000 individuals have hunted for Fenn’s treasure. At least five people have actually died while searching for the chest.

Barbara Andersen, a Chicago realty lawyer, stated she is submitting an injunction in federal District Court alleging she resolved the puzzle however was hacked by somebody she does not know.

” He stole my fix,” she said in an interview. “He followed and cheated me to get the chest.”[…]

And still others believe the treasure never existed– or had already been handed out.

” I believe his announcement is at least a couple of years, and a couple of lives, too late. However he has to deal with that. I think this was over much earlier than today,” stated treasure hunter Seth Wallack.

Forrest Fenn validates his treasure has been found( Santa Fe New Mexican).

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