María Patino and Irene Rosales, with a new breast in the Caribbean

Llenazo in the Caribbean of famous countries. On the other side of the Atlantic, Maria Patiño and Kiko Rivera “Paquirrín”, both with their partners, have coincided. They are the protagonists of the cover of “Readings”, in which the news is that the journalist looks spectacular her new breasts, operated months ago. Accompany the text with a big picture of Patino, in a black bikini and polarized glasses, mane in the wind and serious face. “Readings” is not going around the corner when talking about the holidays of Paquirrín and Irene Rosales. “A for the second son” titled next to a photo of both hugging in the pool. Will time tell? They are not forgotten in the magazine of David Delfín, died last weekend, which they take in a photo with their friend of the soul Bimba Bosé,

Wedding and Communion for the cover of “Hello!”. The exclusive link is that of the model Clara Alonso (who was the girlfriend of the Asturian David Feito, “The Dream of Morpheus”), newly married to New York financier Robert Serafin. The communion, that of the girl of Paloma Cuevas and the bullfighter Enrique Ponce. The mother is rather the one who takes the lead posting with an elegant suit that could calmly have served to go to the wedding with which she shares the cover.

“Ten Minutes” bets on Maria Patiño and her new breast in the Caribbean, although it has also opened a hole for a reminder of David Delfin. Rachel Bollo, formerly of “Sálvame”, is cast on the cover, who seems not to miss anything about Tele5’s hectic set. “I’ll only go back to the TV if I need money,” honestly points out Chiquetete’s ex-wife as she poses sensually on a sofa.

Paquirrín assaulted the cover of “Semana” with his wife. Irene Rosales is, in this case, the “queen” of the publication with a photo coming out of the water with a white bathing suit. The magazine explains that the daughter-in-law of Pantoja has also had chest surgery. “It has been like a second honeymoon,” describes the escaping couple, who apparently have also had a professional reason. For professional reasons, there, in the Caribbean, competing in “Survivors”, is the boyfriend of Maria Teresa Campos, who have been caught without glasses after the stroke he has suffered. Apparently, Mustache Arrocet knows nothing of the scare that has taken the Fields. Hopefully, you will not see the “Week” photos.