From Workplace Intern To Label Finalizing: Hachiku’s Story In Her Own Words

From Workplace Intern To Label Finalizing: Hachiku’s Story In Her Own Words

Often you just have to ask.

Take Melbourne songwriter Hachiku – at one point she was the office intern for Australian label Milk!

It’s a neat story, and her music is totally deserving of assistance; enjoyable, literate, whipsmart indie rock with an alt-pop appeal, her brand-new album ‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ arrive on November 13 th.

Here, in her own words, Hachiku assesses her journey to date …

– – –

– – –

Hello there,

It is I, Anika. Coming at you from the almost-too-sunny-for-me-to-be-able-to-see-my-laptop- screen Melbourne.

Melbourne – or globally acknowledged the ‘most liveable city’ full of arts, culture, indie music, nice individuals and slightly troubled however alright adequate weather.

Dansweiler, where I ‘d invest my youth fantasizing about the entire wide world yet to be discovered by my curious innocence (exactly, lol). Dreams of one day winning Germany’s Next Super star, dreams of ending up being Broadway’s next musical sensation singing Wicked songs, my whole body painted green swinging my agile hips to salsa rhythms.

Rather I chose for the more conservative alternative and began a four-year degree in Biological Sciences. 4 years minus three months and one day.

Ultimately, a slither of hope presented itself in a 3rd year exchange to a location of my option – Melbourne, Auckland or Singapore. A little research study exposed a sort-of-paradise previous me never ever knew existed – Melbourne, the music capital of the world, with more places than Austin, Texas, USA and 62,000 annual live music performances (which on a side note would translate to 169 per day, might require to truth check that, Wikipedia?).

I was convinced, packed my bags, sobbed a little that I would not see my pet for 12 months and boarded a 24 h aircraft to Australia – my 50 Euro Stratocaster rip-off in check-in baggage and my fleamarket Casio keyboard in my carry-on. The very first show I went to remained in this dingy underground bar in Melbourne’s CBD and a loop-station artist was performing (‘ I could do that for sure, best? She’s not even THAT great … and what’s that name, Tash Sultana lol’)

The 2nd program I went to was by this regional label called Milk! Records that I had actually slightly become aware of through this new indie rock feeling Courtney Barnett and the bands ready to play were obviously all part of her extended relationship group that she signed to her label because why not

Sounded fun, and so I went and I viewed and easily my real musical awakening began. That was precisely what I wished to do. A group of good buddies simply playing a show and being pals and people watching being pals and everybody understood everyone and I had never ever experienced such a friendly environment loaded with support and neighborhood. I was desperate to be part of it. A buddy of The Buddies.

So I sent an e-mail volunteering to help out and cook coffee or send their letters or just tell jokes in the workplace.

However then there goes fate.

They were desperate but I had been desperate too I guess so I was happy to be their last resort. Christmas celebration and Jen Cloher reveals – hanging out, having enjoyable, being pals.

Ultimately someone realised that I likewise played music. It was pretty low-key at that stage, some regional programs occasionally, open mics, bedroom recordings – quite in the spirit of the Melbourne DIY music scene. One thing caused another and I released my very first single as part of the Split Songs Club, a collaboration in between Milk! and Bedroom Suck Records. Then the Hachiku EP followed, I found my remarkable bandmates, we did a number of terrific Australian support tours with The Breeders and Jose Gonzales, then a couple of global ones with Jen Cloher and Courtney Barnett.

Now we will release our very first LP on Milk! and UK based label Marathon Artists and l am rather ecstatic.

To me, that sensation of belonging and true connection always was a priority. I had no genuine intent of trying to somehow get in there to be signed by a label. I personally don’t think you can phony your way to the top (or at least that’s how it would run in my universe, perhaps I live a slightly romanticised variation of the world and the reality might look different – it most likely does look different). But do your thing and maybe some people will like it. Possibly they won’t. Perhaps you’re lucky and you get to release on a label like Milk!. Perhaps you are in an entirely various place and you just need to discover your own community of similar individuals. They are definitely there!

If you are out there reading this thinking up your music profession, here are a couple of words of knowledge that I have actually picked up along the method:


2. You need to see this as a job long before anybody else will. Most people specify a job as a profitable activity, in truth music as your job is a great deal of or writing posts like this for two hours before you go back to pouring beers at a bar for actual money flipping out that you’re not going to be able to purchase a home ever. But, again you just draw it up and do it since it’s worth it. Because if you don’t believe in the possibility that one day you’ll have the ability to have a sustainable music profession, nobody else will.

3. Redefine success. You require to figure out your own journey and what will make you feel achieved. My bandmates describe it as ‘the thirst’ – absolutely nothing will ever suffice if you keep comparing yourself to the person that is one, two or 7 actions ahead of you. This is definitely much easier said than done!!!

4. Everything’s better in hindsight.

5. Do not be desperate. In some cases things just do not exercise and that’s alright!

I might still be far from doing divides on a Broadway stage (to be honest, I am yet to finesse crossing my legs) and I will never ever have a French accent looking strange or lavish on a stage, however I believe looking back I seem like I’m quite near where I never envisioned myself to be. And that’s fine!

– – –

– – –

‘ I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ will be launched on November 13 th.

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