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How To Recruit Staff in Norwich Norfolk

Are you looking to recruit staff in Norwich? You have landed on the right website!

Finding staff in Norwich can be a timely and costly process. When recruiting staff in Norwich you don’t have many avenues to consider; you can advertise your job with the local paper, use a local recruitment agency or advertise with a national job board.

The problem with these is that if you advertise in the local paper you risk your job not gaining maximum exposure to local job seekers. Who is still buying the local paper to look for jobs nowadays? CONFESSION – with the use of internet people are expecting to be able to do everything online, which includes reading about the new updates.  We have got lazy and basically want our smartphones and apps to flag up any important information we should know about, including jobs which match our requirements!

Recruitment agencies…  In most cases, you do get good results from local recruitment agencies however you have to pay the price to recruit candidates this way. Agencies are typically charging between 13 to 25% depending on the level of role, the salary, and location of the position. For a Senior Manager in the IT industry on £50k, you would be paying in excess of £6500 for this ONE recruit. This is a crazy amount of money! And what if that candidate then leaves you 5 months down the line and you have to start the whole process over again? Not very cost effective for a business.

Finally, you’ve got national job boards. The problem with these big mainstream sites and using them specifically for local jobs is that you tend to receive applications from all over the UK and not just in the area you need which in this case are job applications in Norwich. This means you end up spending a lot of time sifting out the applications which are not relevant to you – a big waste of business time.

Just Norfolk Jobs is here to solve all of your recruitment and advertising problems. We offer a one-stop service meaning your vacancies will be filled online for a one-off fixed advertising fee with no hidden charges!

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Do you want your advert seen in front of as many people as possible? We have that covered – we are integrated with a huge portfolio of UK based online job sites meaning your job advert is displayed in front of every job seeker possible in the county! It doesn’t matter which jobs website they have chosen to look on.

Do you want to only see suitable applications to your job vacancy? We have that covered too! Our experienced account managers will vet all of your responses to ensure you only see the candidates applying for your vacancy that meets your requirements. They take into account key experience required and most importantly, location!

What about if you advertise your vacancy online and don’t fill it with the applications? Well, we also have a solution for that too! Advertise using our ‘Gold Package’ option and we will re-post your job vacancy free of charge if you do not fill the job you are advertising in Norwich within the initial 28 day period.

We think the online advertising service we offer is perfect for companies recruiting, looking to lower their recruitment costs or who want to find more relevant job seekers in Norwich, but however, you won’t know this for sure until you try advertising your jobs with us! You can view our customer testimonials to see what our current customers have to say about our job advertising service.

Why not give our sales team a call on 01603 302923 to see how we can help with your job advertising in Norwich!