Why study Big Data is a guarantee of job success?

The Big Data profession is fashionable. There are already many companies from different sectors looking for specialists in data analysis and Big Data.

Moreover, this professional profile has even become the most demanded job profile in 2017, which is why many students choose it with the aim of achieving a successful professional future in the coming years.

But what is Big Data and what does an expert in this area really do? What kind of studies have to be done to become a Big Data professional?

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What is the big data

It is not something new, but it is a novelty if we think about its application in corporate environments. Big Data represents the massive analysis of data, but at a higher level than the different types of software have been doing so far. In addition, the term includes the storage, processing, and use of data that obviously have an objective at the enterprise level.

All those data that the Big Data expert will analyze to draw useful conclusions for the company he works from coming from different sources: social networks, web applications, biometric data, data transactions and even online marketing and user behavior in the network. Everything can be analyzed with a predefined objective and it is the Big Data professional who is responsible for carrying out this analysis and treatment of the data.

Why is it a profession for the future?

The fact that these analysis actions are so important for the company has an explanation. And, in addition to being a flexible technology, it is scalable, fast, economical and satisfies a predefined objective. In short, companies that use Big Data get a solid base of knowledge to increase their profits, save costs, get new customers or improve the retention of current, among many other things.

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The fact that prestigious companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify or Nike, or even governments of different countries, are pioneers in the use of Big Data to improve their companies or their knowledge about people, suggests that the rest of Companies, large and small, will be added to the use of this new professional profile.

Possibly, if we stop to think, we will find more companies and environments that are currently using Big Data or massive data analysis to improve some aspect related to your company or activity.

What to study to be an expert in Big Data?

Although there is still no specific university career to train professionals in this field, it is possible to study Big data from the wide range of higher education or master’s degree available in Spain.

As a general rule, students interested in this type of training correspond to technical studies: mathematicians, statistical experts, computer engineers or software developers. However, there are also less technical profiles, such as business administration and management professionals or marketing experts, who have also joined the art of collecting data, interpreting it and giving it a useful value for the company.

And is that, depending on the professional profile, each of them has value in a different stage of the process of data analysis. For example, the most technical profiles focus on the creation of algorithms and predictive patterns, while others use Business Intelligence to apply the results extracted from the patterns to the company’s objectives.

Be that as it may, any of them needs to enroll in a specialized master to be trained in all stages of Big Data.

Once the master’s degree is finished, students will be prepared to dedicate themselves to the world of Data Intelligence in any business environment. You will have a professional profile suitable to work as a Macro data Systems Administrator, Data Intelligence and Business Intelligence Architect, Mass Data Systems Auditor, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Chief Data Officer, Data Analyst and other related positions.

All those who meet the access requirements and are interested in studying Big Data can already access the pre-registration to the Master in Big Data and Business Analytics of the Complutense University of Madrid. It is one of the most demanded masters in the technology sector and knowing the labor demand that exists today, why wait another year?

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