Guinness World Records 2019 (Miscellaneous)

True to its annual appointment, the edition for 2019 of the highly anticipated Guinness World Records (GWR) book is on sale from October 2. Today, November 8, World Day of Guinness World Records, is probably the best time to present it.

The annual volume of GWR remains a global bestseller. 141 million copies have been sold since 1955, published in 22 languages and in more than 100 countries.

As always, the GWR is the result of an intense search for new records around the world, which has culminated with the achievement of a series of achievements that will amaze the reader. The edition in Spanish also includes Spanish records no less surprising.

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In this year’s edition we will find the usual breakdown of sections, to which more attractive: the Universe, Planet Earth, Living Planet, Human Beings, Great Deeds, Science and Technology, Art and Communication, Sports and Try it at home.

In each, and with a great graphics display, we will find new records, both individual and in groups, also those related to science or nature, so that, page by page, we will find more than enough reasons to surprise us. Between the sections, superlative cases are also exposed, within the section “Building history”.

The contents of the book, which are renewed year after year, although we can also find some of the immovable classics, come from the almost 40,000 requests for recognition that are received annually. A good part of the most interesting ones is presented in the own introduction of the volume, in the call Letter of the editor. The introduction also talks about the day of Guinness World Records, a day more and more followed during which, in November of each year, a true marathon of record attempts is held around the world. Some of the most prominent are glossed in these pages.

This year, the Spanish edition presents exclusive pages with Spanish records as the first woman to win a race in an individual motorcycling world championship, the largest SEAT car parade, the highest glass pyramid or the advertising poster. big. It also includes personalities known as Rafael Nadal or Mireia Belmonte, who have broken marks in their respective disciplines. They are joined by Barcelona Aleix Segura Vendrell for having exceeded the record of static apnea in 24 minutes and 3 seconds.

If we look towards the rest of the world, in the so-called international records we find the man with more body modifications (he has a total of 481 piercings, 37 of which in his eyebrows and 111 around his mouth, two subdermal implants with the shape of horns, a forked tongue and five magnetic implants on the fingertips of his right hand, also having about 90% of his skin tattooed); the highest jump made by a dog (191 cm); more deadly leaps backwards spitting fire in a minute; etc.

This year a new chapter entitled “Meet the Artificers” is included, which includes inventors, artists, amateurs and Brico-maniacs, followers of the cultural trend that encourages everyone to channel their creativity to build something impressive from scratch, or modify it and recycle it to extend its useful life. Thus, we have the largest yo-yo in the world, the largest sample of stick sculpture or the kart with the fastest jet engine, which are presented in this section.

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As always, readers can find more information and special audiovisual content if they access the book’s website ( ). The experience will be further enriched thanks to the audiovisual and digital platforms available. For example, Guinness World Records television shows have 750 million viewers per year and its YouTube channel has 300 million visits per year. The website receives 18 million visitors each year and Facebook has more than 10 million fans.

With unparalleled visual richness, GWR maintains its extremely high standard of content presentation. We will see impressive photographs, always with the best quality.

Again, the work becomes a splendid educational tool and an unbeatable success as a gift for young people and adults. The section “Try it at home” is a good example of this.

In the index, we will find all the records and their location in the book, and in the final compilation, we will find the last minute records that did not arrive in time to be included in the corresponding main section of this year’s edition.

In short, whether we collect each edition of GRW or if we want to see for the first time what its pages contain, the one from 2019 will provide us with many hours of entertaining reading, in the assurance that we will always find something that will truly surprise us.

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