Guinness World Records 2018 (Various authors)

The new annual edition of the book “Guinness World Records” is already available, corresponding, in this case, to 2018. Endowed with a spectacular cover, it is the Spanish edition, and therefore, it also contains national records that undoubtedly will interest the reader.

This year, the introduction is dedicated to superheroes, fictitious characters capable of doing what no one else could, authentic record holders, if they were real. In fact, many of the people who manage to capture their achievements in this book are, in a way, superheroes, because, although they do not necessarily have to be ready at all times to save humanity, they can do many of the things that The rest of us could not. In addition to its own section dedicated to the superheroic theme, the book includes an interview with Tom Holland, the protagonist of the last film dedicated to Spiderman. Holland himself holds the record for being the youngest actor to star in a film from the Marvel film universe.

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The edition is accompanied by its customary dose of superlative records in fields such as animals, Earth, adventure, transport, science, and technology, sports, etc. In each one, we will enjoy multiple examples of amazing records. This collection, which is renewed every year with new conquests and updated records, maintains its visual and informative appeal.

If something attracts from the GWR books it is precisely the fabulous presentation of the content, wrapped with infographics and images of the highest quality. As always, each record is framed in one section, sharing protagonism with others and with complementary information of great interest. In that sense, the work is attractive to the reader as an entertainment and educational tool, something that not all books can claim.

Nor will we miss the “classics”, such as larger structures, faster vehicles, etc., that never miss their appointment, conveniently updated.

Technology, increasingly present in our society, has a growing role in the pages of GWR. Here we will undoubtedly see the most spectacular machines. At the other extreme, human talent will be revealed, with examples of people who are capable of doing things that are far away for the rest of mortals.

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True to its commitment to entertaining the reader, GWR places special emphasis on those most surprising and attractive records, and film, comics, and television continue to maintain their space. As usual, the book closes with the “Last Hour” section, which summarizes the latest records presented. For more information, and to keep abreast of developments, the reader can visit the organization’s website.

Finally, the index, which lists all the records mentioned throughout the work, will help us locate them.

Once again, GWR 2018 will undoubtedly become one of the star gifts of Christmas. Suitable for the whole family, members of all ages will enjoy it, in the certainty that they will always find something of special interest in their pages.

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