Living with Less: How to Simplify Your Life

Now that you know the basics of minimalism and how changing your lifestyle can completely change your life for the better, you may be wondering how to actually get started on this journey. You don’t need extra money, actually, you should slim your wallet today.

You have been exposed to a lot of information about the minimalist lifestyle, and may feel pressure to quickly transition into full-blown minimalism. However, very few people can just throw all of their possessions away and start fresh. Deciding to throw away or donate your belongings is not an easy task, as we come to accumulate a lot of stuff that holds sentimental and monetary value. Although you may struggle every now and then, you will find that switching to minimalism will become easier as you begin experiencing the benefits of changing your lifestyle.

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Starting Off

Write down everything! Writing down your goals, expectations, and struggles will help affirm your mission to becoming a minimalist. Start by making a list of all the reasons why you want to switch to a simpler lifestyle. Next, make a list of all the things that are causing you stress that can be fixed by becoming a minimalist. This could be debt, a full schedule, too many mugs, whatever is causing you to become fed up with collecting material things. Lastly, you should definitely write down your goals for transitioning to minimalism and what you want to gain from the lifestyle. Whenever you are doubting your decision or are faced with the urge to make an impulse buy, you will have these written lists to remind you of your mission and purpose.

Throw away any duplicates! Believe it or not, many people accidentally end up owning a number of the same exact items. This only adds to the unnecessary clutter. Walk through your house and get rid of any duplicates your see: two sets of the measuring cups, copies of the same movie, books, etc. You only really need one of everything, and even that is sometimes too much of a minimalist. Place all of your duplicates in a box and place it out of sight for one month. If you find that you did not need anything that was in the box or even forgot what you had put in the box in the first place, then get rid of it!

Maintain a permanent clutter-free zone. Becoming a minimalist does not mean throwing away everything you own and completely emptying your house. Start your transition into the lifestyle with a small gesture; such as clearing a space in your home that is a clutter-free zone. This could be a table in the living room, a desk, or even just a drawer in the kitchen. From this small space, you can gradually expand your clutter-free zone to an entire room.

Limit what you travel with. Minimalists love traveling because it just reinforces the belief that you really don’t need much to get by. The next time you go to pack a suitcase for a trip, try packing for half of the time you will be away for. For example, if you are traveling for six days, pack for three. Doing laundry while on vacation may not seem ideal, but it is easier than carrying over- packed baggage.

Get rid of your clothing! We all have clothes that we hope to wear one day when the occasion arises, but the truth is that the red shirt with the price tags still attached will probably never be worn. Clearing your wardrobe is one of the easiest things that you can do when first deciding to become a minimalist. Start by limiting your clothing options to fifty things: including shoes, accessories, underwear, etc. Once you realize how much you don’t wear and don’t need, donating the rest will feel much easier.

Limit your meal options. Of course, you do not have to stick to the same meal plan for years on end to be a minimalist. But you can seriously cut down the grocery bill by keeping your meal choices limited. Preparing breakfast, thinking about lunch, and making dinner take a lot more time and energy than its worth. Cut down your stress and food bill by keeping your meals simple. Try eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch all week, and then having three or four dinner options that you can cycle through during the week. If your family does not enjoy this experience, let them know that it is an experiment and talk together about how to make future meals more minimalistic.

Save $1000 right away. Saving money is not always as easy as it sounds, but once you save the first thousand dollars, you will feel less financial stress and feel secure in case of an emergency. An emergency fund simplifies all of your potential worries: paying off a debt, a hospital bill, monthly payments, etc. Saving may seem to take forever to do, but you can easily accomplish conserving a thousand dollars in just forty- five weeks. This can be accomplished by completing the fifty-two-week challenge in forty- five weeks instead.

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How to set up and utilize Fitbit Pay

In the mid-2010 s, it seemed like every tech company introduced a proprietary payment solution. Everyone from Apple and Google to Samsung, Chase, and CVS had payment apps in which you might pack your credit or debit card info and use your phone to buy products from terminals that support near-field interaction (NFC).

Fitbit introduced its version, Fitbit Pay, back in2017 Presently, Fitbit provides the ability to pay from your smartwatch and tracker on four of its gadgets: the Ionic, Versa 2 Special Edition, and Charge 3 Scandal Sheet. In 2019, it likewise started partnering with select cities to let you utilize Fitbit Spend for public transit, consisting of in Chicago, New York City, and Singapore.

If you wish to take advantage of mobile payment from your Fitbit, here’s how to get started.

Currently, Fitbit Pay assistances hundreds of significant banks from around the world, but you’ll want to verify whether your bank certifies, specifically if you are part of a credit union. For now, here are the nations where Fitbit Pay is supported. Take a look listed below, then head to the Fitbit assistance page to see if your bank is included

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom


You’re still checking out, which suggests your bank is on the list! The next action is to open the Fitbit app on your phone and tap the upper left avatar to go to your profile. Select the gadget on which you wish to make it possible for Fitbit Pay (again, that’s the Versa Special Edition, Versa 2, Ionic, or Charge 3 Scandal Sheet), and select “Wallet.”

This must bring you to the setup page where you’ll require to set a four-digit security PIN to confirm payment deals. You can pick to either have your Fitbit request a PIN only when you’re making a payment or every 24 hours/ each time you take your Fitbit off. The latter is better if you frequently eliminate your Fitbit or just prefer increased security. Think about it like reentering your passcode or lock pattern each time you open up your phone.


After establishing the PIN, you’ll have the alternative of entering a debit/ credit card number or an iPASS if you remain in Taiwan. Most people will desire the very first alternative: follow the steps by entering your card information and address. Tap “Next,” and agree to Fitbit Pay’s terms of service to permit Fitbit to verify the card’s validity.


You can include multiple cards if you wish (an optimum of 6 on the Versa/ Ionic and 5 on Charge 3)– though if you do, you’ll wish to head back to the Wallet area of your Fitbit app to pick the main card that you wish to utilize. Depending upon your PIN setting, you might require to reenter it to open the Wallet setting on the app. For phones that have a fingerprint sensing unit, Fitbit also supports biometric logins.

You can use Fitbit Pay with any charge card terminal that accepts NFC payment options. (They’re normally represented by this logo or other brands’ mobile payment logos, like Apple or Google’s.)

Select the card you want to utilize to pay (once again, the primary one you’ve chosen will reveal up as the default), and hover your Fitbit over the payment terminal.

When you get verification from the terminal, your payment has been processed.



If you require to examine deals, upgrade, or eliminate cards from your Fitbit Pay account, just head back to the Wallet section of the app.

  • Tap the card you wish to see to see recent deals
  • Scroll to the bottom to suspend the card while you’re traveling or if you momentarily lose access to your card or the Fitbit gadget
  • If you need to, you can likewise eliminate the card entirely
  • From this page, you can likewise check out the card’s personal privacy policy or get in touch with the bank that issued the card

The Wallet setting won’t show you all of the transactions made through your gadget, so to examine whatever, you ought to scan your bank statements if you think something fishy.

For more information, see our principles policy

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Your Thursday Rundown

Inyoung Kang

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Good early morning,

We’re covering the 75 th anniversary of D-Day, fading possibilities for a Mexico deal, and the N.B.A. finals


Credit Jean-Francois Monier/Agence France-Presse– Getty Images

World leaders, including President Trump, remain in France today for events commemorating the 75 th anniversary of the Allied landing on the beaches of Normandy, the start of the 1944 campaign to wrest Europe from Nazi control.

Mr. Trump is also consulting with President Emmanuel Macron of France. The two leaders as soon as had a warm relationship, but it has chilled in recent months since of differences over concerns like environment modification and Iran. Here are the current updates

Capture up: D-Day occasions started in Britain on Wednesday with an emotional ceremony that included direct accounts of the intrusion.

Another angle: During his journey, Mr. Trump has accepted regal respectability on one side, and settling scores on the other That moving personality was likewise reflected in policy problems, like a meeting with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar of Ireland on Wednesday in which Mr. Trump said the country would take advantage of Brexit “with your wall, your border,” however reversed course when Mr. Varadkar said a difficult border is “one thing we wish to avoid.”


Credit Universal History Archive/UIG, by means of Getty Images

Where did they serve? What did they do and see? The families of World War II veterans typically discovered not to ask.

Less than 3 percent of the 16 million American veterans of the war are still alive, and all are in their 90 s or beyond. Now their family members are frequently relying on specialists to help them understand billions of pages of military records to piece those stories together.

” Often they start to weep on the phone about how much they liked their father, and how he had horrible nightmares, but would never ever speak about it,” one researcher stated.

Recalling: The reporter Ernie Pyle offered convenience to American readers with his positive tales of soldiers’ endurance. However the losses suffered in Normandy changed his perspective on the war

Photos: Images from the day reveal soldiers waiting with clenched jaws and flinty eyes, using a meaning of valor.

The U.S. took another step toward enforcing tariffs on all Mexican imports after high-stakes negotiations on Wednesday failed to address President Trump’s needs that the nation avoid the rise in prohibited border crossings.

Figures showed that crossings had actually reached a seven-year high, with 144,200 border arrests in Might– a 32 percent boost from April. Mr. Trump, dealing with political resistance from his own party, cautioned on Twitter that “if no arrangement is reached, Tariffs at the 5%level will start on Monday, with regular monthly boosts based on schedule.”

See on your own: California and Texas are amongst the states whose economies would be hit hardest by tariffs.

Related: The Trump administration said that it would start restricting or canceling education, legal aid and play area entertainment for migrant kids in government shelters.


Credit Etienne Laurent/EPA, via Shutterstock

Fiat Chrysler quickly withdrew its offer to merge with Renault, abandoning a deal that would have created the third-largest car manufacturer and basically reshaped the industry.

The collapse took place after the French federal government– Renault’s biggest shareholder– asked to delay a final vote to speak with Nissan, according to two people close to the talks. Nissan and Renault are partners worldwide’s greatest car alliance.

Closer look: The bid underscored the seriousness that automakers deal with as the industry shifts to electrical cars and self-driving cars.


Credit Allison V. Smith for The New York City Times

A white family that wishes to adopt a second Native American child is challenging a federal law that grants priority to Native families to strengthen tribal identity.

The case is before a federal appeals court, and the possible ramifications could reach far beyond a single case or household, threatening affirmative action laws and tribal rights.

German serial killer: A former nurse was founded guilty today of killing 85 patients and sentenced to life in jail.

Niger ambush investigation: The Pentagon ended its prolonged inquiry into a 2017 attack that killed 4 soldiers, authorizing a review that mainly blamed junior officers.

Cut medical research: The Trump administration said it would dramatically cut federal costs on studies that utilize tissue from aborted fetuses.


Credit Chang W. Lee/The New York City Times

French Open results: Wednesday’s matches were drizzled out, shuffling the schedule Here are today’s outcomes for the women and the guys

Late-night comedy: The hosts skewered President Trump for stating he did not be sorry for postponing his Vietnam War service since it was “far away.” “Yes, that is what is terrible about war– the commute,” Stephen Colbert said

What we read: This short article in The Hollywood Reporter Brooks Barnes, who covers the film market for The Times, calls it “a master class in navigating extremely challenging Hollywood surface with balance and stability.”


Credit David Malosh for The New York City Times

Cook: Enchiladas can be a weeknight meal with beans and cheese.

Go: Ocean Cube,” a new Manhattan pop-up experience, offers commentary on contamination.

Watch: Twenty-five years after triggering a feeling with its frank depictions of sex, drugs and L.G.B.T. lives, “Tales of the City” is being revived by Netflix. Here’s a refresher

Read: Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark share useful wisdom in “Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Killed,” which is a No. 1 launching on our guidance, how-to and various best-seller list

Smarter Living: Self-confidence is like running water in the house: most notable when it’s excessive or missing. Psychologists identify three overlapping components to self-confidence, each of which can be enhanced by showing truthfully on what you have actually done well. They are the belief in your ability to accomplish tasks, or self-efficacy; a more basic belief in your ability to attain objectives, or confidence; and belief in your worth, or self-esteem. And keep in mind: Feeling great about yourself is not the same thing as conceit.

And our brand-new Parenting website has a guide on how to present pets to children

” Back to the Moon to Stay” is the theme of this year’s International Space Development Conference, running today through Sunday in Washington. NASA’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine, will be the keynote speaker.

Planning for the 50 th anniversary of the first human lunar landing on July 20 is well in progress.


Credit Agence France-Presse– Getty Images

The concept of travel to the moon appeared centuries earlier in literature.

In the 1600 s, the astronomer Johannes Kepler described an Icelandic male’s voyage to the moon in “Somnium,” while Jules Verne composed in 1865 about a launch from Florida in “From the Earth to the Moon.”

Cyrano de Bergerac, Daniel Defoe, Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe and Hans Christian Andersen also composed early lunar tales But in the 1960 s, when area travel was suddenly no longer imaginary, such stories were specifically swarming.

” The Moon Is an Extreme Girlfriend,” by Robert Heinlein in 1966, is thought about by lots of to be the ultimate tale of a lunar colony, whose self-reliance is restricted by federal government in the world.

That’s it for this briefing. See you next time.

— Inyoung

Thank you

Chris Stanford helped put together today’s briefing. Mark Josephson, Eleanor Stanford, Chris Harcum and Kenneth R. Rosen supplied the break from the news. Victoria Shannon, on the rundowns group, composed today’s Back Story. You can reach the team at briefing@nytimes.com


– We’re listening to “ The Daily” Today’s episode is Part 1 of a two-part series on hereditary genealogy as the new frontier in criminal investigations.

– Here’s today’s Mini Crossword, and an idea: What the abbreviation “i.e.” means (5 letters). You can discover all our puzzles here

– The Times’s Books area has 16 best-seller lists: 11 weekly lists and 5 month-to-month lists, which consist of fiction, nonfiction, e-books, audiobooks, children’s literature and science.

Inyoung Kang is an editor and manufacturer based in London. @ inyoungk

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10 things you need to understand prior to the opening bell

boris johnson Reuters

Here is what you require to know.

1. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly desires Ireland to agree to temporarily leave its trading pact with the European Union and join the UK instead after Brexit. Under the brand-new guidelines, Ireland would get a “special dispensation” from Brussels to leave its trading rules up until new “alternative arrangements” to the Northern Ireland backstop are developed.

2. Alibaba apparently postpones its reported $20 billion listing amidst Hong Kong discontent 2 unnamed sources informed Reuters the business will delay its strategies to raise $20 billion by noting on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

3. Previous Trump authorities Dina Powell has actually helped put Goldman Sachs in the running for a role in Saudi Aramco’s IPO. The previous deputy nationwide security adviser becomes part of a group working to win the bank an advisory role in the stock-market debut of the world’s most significant oil company.

4. The US and Japan are holding trade talks, and a deal might settle shaky markets Americans wish to export more beef and pork to Japan, while the Japanese want to avoid upcoming automobile tariffs.

5. Investors are pulling billions out of China and the bleeding is not likely to stop anytime soon. Financiers pulled $2.9 billion out in the month to August 14 alone as “economic activity looks set to slow eventually.”

6. President Donald Trump said in a tweet Tuesday that he scrapped strategies to consult with Denmark’s prime minister after she rebuffed his idea of acquiring the autonomous island of Greenland. Trump previously stated the concept to acquire Greenland was not on his list of concerns which it was not the sole basis for his see to Denmark.

7. Target beat Wall Street quotes for quarterly same-store sales on Wednesday. T he big-box merchant took advantage of higher online sales and an increase in shoppers at its shops, sending out shares up 5%in pre-market trading.

8. Stocks are rising today after Asia’s mixed close. United States futures are rising as the S&P 500 ( 0.7%) and the Nasdaq ( 0.8%) are both up. European equities rose with both Germany’s Dax and the Euro Stoxx 50 up ( 1.1%). In Asia, the Nikkei (-0.3%) was down while the Shanghai Composite was flat and Hang Seng ( 0.2%) was up partially..

9. There is a stack of profits out today Today’s highlights include Royal Bank of Canada and HP.

10 There are swathes of data out later Among the highlights are the minutes from the Federal Free Market Committee July meeting ahead of the Jackson Hole conference tomorrow.

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